Swing Disintegrator Machine grinds material discharges at bottom In our swing disintegrator machine, outlet material is collected in a bag, drum or any conveyor system or material handling system.swinng disintegrator machine we offer has mild steel or stainless steel construction. We provide optional dust collection system for fine dust.AVM pad for less vibration for & cost saving foundation can also be provided along with our swing disintegrator machine.

Availability of our swing disintegrating machine

  • Hammer, screen and liner are available hi different shapes and construction like hardened alloy steel, stainless steel, and suit the material.
  • Different ty-oe of material for liner and hammer as per client's requirement for better result


  • Capacity Range: Up to 20 ton per hr.
  • Size available : 600 mm die x 400 Length, 600 mm dia x 600 mm length 600 mm dia x 900 mm Length, 900 mm die x 600 mm Length & 900 mift die x 1200 mm Length eft
  • Fine ness Up to 80 mesh


Our swing disintegration machine is ideal for for both crushing and pulverising wide range of material like : Bauxite, Bones, brick Bats, Burn Lime, clay, coal, cok, charco=1, carbon, cement Rock, chalk, Cotton seed, Copper Ore, dolomite,drugs,Fertilizers, Fire Clay, Glass, Glue Stock,Grains,Gipsum,iron Ore, Slug, Iron boring, Lime stone, Metallic caicium,mangnesite, Phosphate Rod‘salt,Slate,shake,shells,Soft stone, soda Ash & wood refuse, etc

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