Applications :

DECOL swing hammer crusher is used for both crushing and pulverizing wide range of materials like:- Bauxite, bones, Brick bates, burnt Lime, Clay, coal, coke, charcoal, carbon, cement Rock, Chalk, cotton seed, copper ore, Dolomite, Drugs, Fertilizers, Fireclay, Glass, Glue Stock, Grain, Gypsum, Iron ore, Iron Borings, Limestone ,Metallic Calcium, Magnesite , Phosphate Rock, salt ,slate, shake ,shells, Soapstone, slag ,soda ash and wood refuse ,etc.

We manufacture and supply two types of crushers depending on the size and quality of material to be handled and the required capacity. Our crushers can be used for both crushing and pulverizing wide range of materials like bauxite, ones, brickbats, burnt Lime, clay, coal, coke, charcoal, carbon, cement rock, chalk, cotton seed, copper ore, dolomite, drugs, fertilizers, fire clay, glass, glue stock, grain, gypsum, iron ore, iron borings, lime stone, metallic calcium, magnesite, phosphate rock, salt, slate, shake, shells, soapstone, slag, soda ash, wood refuse etc.

Where the product output size is larger e.g. 15mm to 25 mm we offer swing hammer crushers with grate bars at the bottom. These are widely used in chain grate, spread stoker boilers for coal and can be used for other materials also as mentioned above.

Another commonly used crusher is open bottom type. This is widely used nowadays in FBC boilers where the output size is mostly 0.6mm. In this type, output is regulated by increasing or decreasing the outlet mouth by suitable spring mechanism. Other materials as mentioned above can be crushed in this crusher. Some common features of these machines are body levers, breaker plate liners, hammers are made of high Manganese Steel (15276 grade) EN8 shaft, high quality cast steel bearing housings, standard cast iron pulleys, fly wheels etc. , reputed make bearings and motors of Siemens, ABB etc. As a result customers get a crusher which ensures long life and trouble free service. Depending on the input and output size of the material with the capacity to be handled, we select the proper quality machine and offer accordingly. We also provide appropriate service guarantee for a particular period after the machine starts functioning.

Operations :

The material to be reduced is fed to the machine through the opening above the rotor and allowed to fall directly into the path rotating hammers and primarily reduced whilst in suspension. It is then swept forward for further reduction on the lower portion of the breaker plate under the break bar under the break plate. The crushed material is then discharged through screen bars of suitable gaps , the whilst the over size is carried round for further reduction.

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